27 február 2012

Happiness and worries

Febr. 14
Valentines day
Rob bought a beautyful ring, and he proposed me. :$ I love him! <3 So I said "YES!" .. :$

Febr. 24
My best friend moved to another town approximately 300kms away.. :( I miss Eni.. :(( <3 She's my sister! <3

10 január 2012

Guardian angel

Yesterday I had terrible pain. I felt pain in my heart. :( Eni's dog, Petra had an interesting reaction. I saw in her eyes that she's really worry. The dog cried, licked me and not budge from beside. Maybe she knew that something was wrong. Perhaps Petra felt my pain... She helped me trough the worst. :) <3 I know that she's my guardian angel!

Benefical of the human-animal bond:
-Positive feelings and events that might be significant emotional and physical connection.
-The animals unconditional love and acceptance is obtained.
-The animals are able to recognize human emotions, and behave accordingly.
-Their presence induces the spontaneous emotional expression, and reduces the feeling of anxiety.
-The social life is also a positive impact on livestock farming. The animals live together in one sense of solitude is greatly reduced, which in itself has a positive impact on personal health, greater openness, communication skills development.
-The animal care also increases our sense of security. Competence is an effective antidote to feelings of depression.

-The dogs are a great comfort to patients. (Happier, calmer patients.) It's particularly useful when someone scared and not feeling well.
forrás: http://www.lelkititkaink.hu/ember_allat_kapcsolat.html

06 január 2012

Happy New Year

A long time since I wrote. A lot has happened.
First of all Rob moved back to their house. Since then, we meet every day and spend a lot of time together. I love him! Nay I adore him! :$ <3 We laugh a lot and we are really happy! ^^
Secondly, I get friends. And I have a new best friend! Enikő is the nicest girl who I ever met! Eni is selfless, reliable and always cheerful. I don't understand that I could live without her! :)
These were the most important. The rest is just little things. :)
And finally.. Although a little bit late: Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year! :)

08 november 2011

In a fuckin 'shit-day

Dear diary!
You were my best friend these days. I can tell everything to you. I'll honest with you... I had a fuck-up day.
Ella fainted at school. We didn't know what's her trouble. Came to the rescue and I accompanied her to the hospital. Nobody said anything. That was annoying. Probably helped that I was there with her, but I felt helpless. I'm not a heroine.
I take a break with Rob. :( It's a little bit complicated. And very hard to me. I wouldn't give details.
When I came home, my phone rang. Gina called me. First, I could not decide whether to take up or leave. I took up. I didn't expect she'll speak kind. But she just looked for Rob. They wanted to meet! WHY?! AAAAA!!!!! I wanted to kill! I wanted to shout! Or just jump out the window. But I just wept while the anger consumed me... I hope you understand me.

07 november 2011

Some thoughts

Today I met Rob. :) This was not the best day, but I felt good with him, however with him is always good! :) <3 That calms me when I am with him. I adore his breathtaking smile and when he looks into my eyes. :$ He's so cute!
My friends... Today I talked to Deny (nickname.. in fact he is Daniel). I hope that he forgiven me. I don't want to lose him.
And Gina.. She behaves like a bitch. I remember now why I hated initially. She can also be friendly those whom she likes.

06 november 2011

It will be even better

I think my things will be arranged soon. :) In the morning, me and my best friend (whose name is Erica) discussed our misunderstanding, and everything will be alright! Ok, not now. Perhaps only weeks later. Nevertheless I will live! :)
I didn't meet with my boyfriend. Rob couldn't come, because he had to go to the dorm. :(

05 november 2011

See the light

I'm a fucking idiot! How could I forget some important people in my life?! Whatever happens there are some people who stay with me. Perhaps only now I recognise that who are my true friends. And though I'm sorrowful, they see a smile on my face... :)